About VAYA

We proudly present....

So, let’s keep it short and simple. VAYA is still young, that’s true. But it is nevertheless the fastest growing hotel group in the Austrian Alps. So things are really happening here. In our current almost 30 houses, we make stays for active people, families, couples and those looking for peace and quiet at the most beautiful time of the year. Our resorts and apartment houses are already legendary for the typical VAYA vibes, which we hope you will experience soon.

VAYA Values

But what do you actually get yourself into when you come to us? We would like to introduce you to the five values that define VAYA. Short and sweet. Pinky promise.

  1. VAYA experience
  2. VAYA design
  3. Driven by service
  4. More than a room
  5. We keep our promise

... in detail

Let’s start with the VAYA Experience. As the name suggests, this is about creating experiences. Our guests not only spend their holidays with us, but also experience moments that will be remembered. What you will find in all our houses is the unmistakable VAYA design. Reclaimed wood, leather, glass and black iron are our main design elements and appear in different forms in each of our houses. Seen once, recognized again and again. Let’s continue with the Driven by Service mentality. We want our guests to feel that a little more service makes all the difference. Only two left. More than a room refers to the design, functionality of the room, suite or apartment. Here the small details make the difference. Last but not least: We keep our promise – we keep everything we promise and, in the best case, even exceed expectations.

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